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November 27 at 8:15am

10 Simple Fixes To Improve Film Biz

"10 Simple Fixes To Improve Film Biz" Do Your Best!

“10 Simple Fixes To Improve Film Biz”
Do Your Best!

It’s time to start your holiday gift giving.  I assume you are giving all of your loved ones memberships to film support organizations or community theaters, right?  But there are some things that money can’t buy, and we should all make sure our giveaway goodie bag is filled with them.

This list are some of my gifts I have gathered specifically for you. I want to thank you for being part of this, for reading and contributing to this community.  You appreciate. You support.  You read.  You share. You do.  You give me hope and courage and faith.  

How can I give back?  I ask myself this all the time.  We all should. Can I do more? What can I provide?  How best to show my thanks?  

Consider each of these #SimpleFixes a small token of my appreciation for you. Each will make our lives better. Each of these can be built and we will all be closer to a world we want, one that supports the culture we love, the culture we want to contribute to and be part of.

I am donating my ideas to the world. I want nothing back — although I would like them to happen.  Call it a Potlatch. I am giving away these babies, these cherished goods,  but this should be a group effort.  Imagine if we all generated a “simple fix” to enhance the things we care about?  Even each of us giving one #SimpleFix a year would move us forward far faster. We may even be able to alter our course so we and IndieFilm don’t fall off the cliff into oblivion!

It’s time we used our cognitive surplus and made some things happen, don’t you think?  

Most of these Simple Fixes have not yet been done.  You may have noticed that I have done some of these though, but need your help with them still.  If you join in, we are going to start to gain momentum.

I recognize it’s not enough just to list them as I now have. We must build them, and soon. Maybe a whole bunch of us need to gather, together with our friends in tech, and start to solve it.

If we ran together, I think we’d have enough speed to really fly. Check out the list below, and let me know what more you have to add. I have written further about each of them if you click through the links.


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November 11 at 8:15am

Simple Fix: Tell Us Where Your Film Elements Are

Film preservation is a difficult thing. And it has gotten more difficult. But it could be made easier.  Like many things, although there is not yet an app for that, there is a simple fix.

If you are reading this now, I am going to assume you know about the “digital dilemma” and recognize that we probably are going to lose a great deal of the films that have been created over the last decade.   [...]

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November 10 at 11:57am

Can We Prepare For Thanksgiving Together?

Thank you

Thank you

Although I have never really been a fan of Thanksgiving as it is currently celebrated, I REALLY like the idea of it — and want to expand it (and better prepare for it). In my vision of it, it is something we all would do together.  And I mean all of us, everywhere.

Thanksgiving here in the United States falls this year on Thursday, November 28th.  But for what I want to do, we need the week. We need the week to reflect.  Really we need the days leading up to it to reflect.  I am getting started now.

I am going to reflect on what I am grateful for, on the kindness and generosity others have shown me, and how I can give back. I am going to make a week of such gratitude. It would be awesome if others could join me. That is why I am writing to you now.

That sort of thing. You in?

We Are Never Alone On The Beach

We Are Never Alone On The Beach

This year I am going to write a list (aka a blog post) each day of the week and name names:

  1. Who I am grateful to for what introductions;
  2. Who I am grateful to what knowledge they’ve shared;
  3. Who I am grateful to for their generosity & support;
  4. What I am grateful for in my professional life;
  5. How & what I can give back without spending a dime.

There’s certainly many other such lists that can be helpful: what I am thankful for on this earth, what I am thankful for that has happened to me in my life, what I am thankful for that has happened to others, what I am thankful for for having recognized, and many more I am sure you can come up with.

As it’s kind of nice to keep track of these thanks, we can follow them via the #HopeAndThanks hashtag.

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