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October 30 at 8:15am

Simple Fix: Identify Film Images As Film Images

This digital age requires us to be specific.  We need to identify things so we can find things. We can not just leave things alone and expect that they will be discovered.

I get frustrated when I find a good website or article and I am limited on how I can share it. One of the reasons I like Pinterest so much is that it is so easy to use and share. Yet many sites and articles don’t include “pinable” images that drive the viewer back to the page itself, so you can pin them, or if you can, it is not an automatic link.  Heck, I know that I am guilty of such slack; I rarely include images on my posts, which makes them difficult to share.  And even when I do, I forget to put in a custom URL so that it drives the Pinterest viewer back to the post. 

Yet, I am grateful for this slack of mine, for it exposes a bigger problem that we all face.  The same problem — I mean, opportunity — is [...]

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