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June 1 at 11:11am

We Are Motivated By Expressing Purpose

By Ted Hope

Autonomy, mastery, and purpose are what drive people once they get beyond financial reward.  If we can stop worrying about money we work towards these other things.  I never liked anyone telling me what to do.  I like to feel good about the work I generate and I want people to need it.  Ultimately I want to feel that I make the world a better place.  Isn’t this same for you too?  Check this out:

Does your work allow you express a sense of greater purpose?  Do your collaborators feel this sense of purpose?  Can you enhance this sense of purpose through the structure of your enterprise?

Isn’t autonomy, mastery, and purpose a great deal of what always motivates people in the creative industries?  Isn’t this why we chose to do it even if we aren’t really rewarded well financially?

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